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SCE&G to Conduct Controlled Burns on Lake Murray Islands

Cayce, S.C. (Jan. 11, 2018) –SCE&G will conduct controlled burns at company-owned islands on Lake Murray during the months of January and February as part of the company’s ongoing management of the lake and related infrastructure.

Working in cooperation with the South Carolina Forestry Commission, SCE&G’s registered foresters will monitor conditions to determine when the weather is ideal to safely conduct the burns. SCE&G typically conducts controlled burns during winter months when the weather forecast includes cold temperatures, low humidity and other factors that provide ideal conditions for smoke dispersion and control of the fire.

“Conducting controlled burns from time to time helps reduce ground litter and underbrush,” said Billy Chastain, who manages lakes and park sites for SCE&G. “Burns also help promote new plant growth and make these islands safer for campers and recreational visitors.”

Throughout the process of conducting the burns, SCE&G will work with local law enforcement and emergency response agencies to coordinate communication and ensure public safety.

Completed in 1930, Lake Murray was built to provide energy for the Columbia area. Since then, it has become a major recreation area, and an abundant resource for drinking water, fisheries and wildlife habitats. For more information about Lake Murray, visit

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