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SCE&G Stands Ready to Respond to Outages from Tropical Storm Michael

CAYCE, S.C. (Oct. 11, 2018) – SCE&G is prepared to safely and quickly respond to outages caused by Tropical Storm Michael and reminds customers to remain safe and to report any power outages.

“As Michael continues to impact our service territory, we are responding to outages as quickly and as safely as possible,” said Bill Turner, SCE&G’s vice president of operations. “Nearly 2,800 personnel, including more than 280 linemen from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky, stand ready to begin the restoration processes across our service territory.”

SCE&G’s restoration process includes:

  • Damage assessment - this initial step is critical to determining issues such as where trees are down or poles are broken so that resources can be deployed quickly.
  • Assessing and repairing damage to large transmission towers, power lines and substations to return power to as many people as soon as possible.
  • Clearing obstructions and repairing primary distribution poles and power lines – in this process, human-needs facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes, as well as emergency services including police and fire departments, are also a top priority.
  • Inspecting and repairing secondary service drops in residential neighborhoods – this process begins in areas with the largest number of reported outages and continues until power is fully restored to every customer in SCE&G’s service territory.

“Safety is our top priority before, during, and after the storm,” said Turner. “It’s important that customers stay away from downed power lines and use portable generators safely and in accordance to the manufacturer’s guidelines.”

When operating a portable generator, make sure it’s properly grounded before use, and do not connect it to a home’s electrical system. Connect equipment directly to the outlets on the generator and only use approved and properly sized power cords. Improper use can injure electrical utility workers as a result of "feedback" to the electrical distribution systems.

In addition, remember to operate generators outside, away from flammable objects and do not run in unvented spaces without windows or cross-ventilation. Odorless and colorless carbon monoxide gas from gas-fueled heaters and generators can build up; resulting in injury or death.

For more information about safety during an outage and SCE&G’s restoration process, visit

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South Carolina Electric & Gas Company is a regulated public utility engaged in the generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity to approximately 727,000 customers in the central, southern and southwestern portions of South Carolina. The company also provides natural gas service to approximately 373,000 customers throughout the state.