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‘Tis the Season to be Jolly, and Vigilant

SCE&G Encouraging Customers to Protect Themselves from Holiday Scams

CAYCE, S.C. (Nov. 14, 2018) – The holidays are a time of excitement and cheer, but it’s also when scammers attempt to take your personal information and money. In observance of Utility Scam Awareness Day, SCE&G encourages electric, gas and solar customers to be vigilant this holiday season.

“Scammers are relentless in their pursuit to confuse and steal from customers, but we’re relentless in our commitment to help educate customers,” said Sam Dozier, SCE&G vice president of customer service. “We receive calls from customers throughout the year who either are victims of scams or who have been contacted by a scammer. We’re reaching out to customers now so they will be aware and watchful during the holidays.”

 Recognize Scammers

  • Scammers use caller ID “spoofing,” which causes your phone to display a false caller ID. Scammers will “spoof” a local number, perhaps even using the utility’s standard customer service phone number.
  • Scammers often target small businesses and may threaten to turn off your service if you do not make a payment immediately.
  • Scammers may suggest a specific store from which you can purchase a prepaid card. Scammers like prepaid debit cards because they can obtain the money on the card without showing a photo ID.
  • Scammers often represent themselves as SCE&G employees or as being affiliated with SCE&G. SCE&G employees carry photo identification – always ask to see it.

Outsmart Scammers

  • Hang up the phone if you receive a call demanding immediate payment of a bill to avoid disconnection, and do not reply to text messages or click on links from individuals you don’t know.
  • Do not open attachments or respond to suspicious emails.
  • Be cautious of anyone who comes to your home or business without an appointment demanding payment, and do not let unknown individuals into your home.

Evaluate Solar Installers

  • Obtain bids from a minimum of three contractors, and ask about the contractor’s previous solar installation experience, requesting work and customer references.
  • Understand how the contractor would perform your installation, including costs and timeline.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of owning versus leasing a solar generation system.

“Although there are several credible solar installers throughout the state, there are some who’ve misled customers,” said John Raftery, general manager of renewable products and services for SCE&G. “We want customers to know the right questions to ask to protect themselves from installers posing as SCE&G representatives.”

Residential customers interested in solar should review the 10 Questions Every Consumer Should Ask Before Going Solar located at, and commercial customers should visit

Visit for more information about how you can identify SCE&G workers, and call customer service at 800-251-7234 if you doubt the legitimacy of a visitor to our home.

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