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Customers being contacted about “claiming” $1,000 refund

We are aware that some misinformation is being shared with SCE&G customers via social media, texts and/or phone calls, falsely suggesting that there is a “$1,000 refund” available to be claimed by SCE&G customers, and that customers must call a phone number (877-432-3808) to “claim” the refund.

To be clear:

  • The information being provided in these communications is misleading and incorrect.
    When Dominion Energy in early 2018 proposed a merger with SCE&G’s parent company, SCANA, the company’s initial plan for bringing bill relief to SCE&G electric customers included the idea of a one-time, upfront cash payment of about $1,000 on average to SCE&G residential electric customers. However, that option ultimately was eliminated in favor of a more significant, long-term decrease to customer bills.
  • Some of the social media, texts and/or phone calls provide a phone number for customers to call. The phone number 877-432-3808 is for the court-approved Class Action Administrator.
    Calling this phone number lets customers hear an automated message regarding details of a settlement reached in a class action lawsuit concerning construction of two nuclear units for which SCE&G customers paid costs through their electric bills. Current and former customers have been provided notice of the settlement through court-approved means. Class members can call 877-432-3808 or visit the website to receive additional authorized information regarding the settlement.
  • Calls, texts or social media messages that customers may have received regarding the settlement are not authorized or approved by the Court.
    Customers are cautioned not to provide personal information to anyone in response to such messages or calls.