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Electric Generation Portfolio

Find out about our nuclear plant and learn about nuclear power.

We generate over 1500 MW of electricity through natural gas.

Our solar energy production capacity is rapidly expanding.

See our coal plants and learn about coal power generation.

SCE&G has been generating hydroelectric power since 1914.

Energy Roadmap

We are working hard to create more clean energy for South Carolina.

Our energy portfolio includes a diverse mix of electricity generation including hydro, biomass, natural gas, coal and nuclear. With addition of two new nuclear units we will have greater fuel diversity with approximately 60% of our generation from non-emitting sources.

When the new nuclear units go online, SCE&G will retire up to six coal-fired generating units, reducing its coal-fired generation capacity by more than 700 megawatts. This will result in a reduction of carbon emissions by almost 50 percent from 2005 levels.

energy roadmap: 10% renewables, 30% nuclear, 30% clean coal, 30% natural gas