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Our Plants

Plant Capacity Location Established
Cope Station 430 MW Cope, SC 1996
Wateree Station 685 MW Eastover, SC 1970
Williams Station 610 MW Charleston, SC 1973
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Cope Station

How a Coal-fired Plant Works

  1. Coal is ground into a fine powder and then burned in a boiler to produce steam.
  2. Steam spins the turbine, turning the generator and producing electricity.
  3. The steam is cooled in a condenser with water from a nearby river or lake. The cooled steam turns into water and is returned to the boiler to be used again.
  4. The cooling water returns to the lake or river. At larger plants, the water used to condense the steam goes through cooling towers before reentering a river. This prevents environmental problems that could occur from warming the river.
  5. Coal combustion residuals, commonly known as coal ash, are safely disposed of according to EPA regulations. View CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information to see how Dominion Energy complies.