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Our Plants

Plant Capacity Location Established
Fairfield Pumped Storage 576 MW Jenkinsville, SC 1978
Neal Shoals Hydro 5 MW Carlisle, SC 1905
Parr Hydro 15 MW Jenkinsville, SC 1914
Saluda Hydro 206 MW Columbia, SC 1930
Stevens Creek Hydro 18 MW Augusta, GA 1914
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Saluda Hydro, Lake Murray Dam

How a Hydroelectric Plant Works

  1. Water is held behind a dam creating a reservoir.
  2. When water is released through the dam, it passes through a turbine generator producing electricity.
  3. When energy demand is low, some of our plants pump water back into the reservoir to store the water for reuse when demand is high.


Dominion Energy's Stevens Creek, Neal Shoals, Saluda, and Parr hydroelectric facilities are located on property of noteworthy historical and archeological value. Learn how Dominion Energy has helped preserve the integrity of these historic sites.