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Our Plants

Plant Capacity Location Established
Columbia Energy Center 540 MW Gaston, SC 2004
Jasper Generating Plant 875 MW Jasper County, SC 2004
McMeekin Station 250 MW Irmo, SC 1958
Urquhart Station 650 MW Beech Island, SC 1953
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Jasper Generating Plant

How a Combustion Turbine Plant Works

  1. The combustion of natural gas forces turbine blades to spin.
  2. The spinning turbine is attached to a generator, which produces electricity.
  3. In a combined-cycle plant, exhaust heat is used to create steam. The steam turns an additional turbine and generator to produce more electricity.
  4. Steam is cooled in a condenser by water from a nearby river or lake. The condensed water returns to the plant and the cycle is repeated.