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Our Plants

Plant Capacity Location Established
V.C. Summer Unit 1 966 MW Jenkinsville, SC 1984
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V.C. Summer Unit 1

How Nuclear Power Works

  1. Inside of a closed system, water is heated by uranium fuel and kept under pressure.
  2. The water is run through a steam generator.
  3. The water from the reactor remains in this closed system to be used over and over. The generator heats a separate loop of steam used to turn the turbine to make electricity. This steam in a separate system is not mixed with the generator's water.
  4. After the turbine makes electricity, steam is condensed by cooling water from Monticello Reservoir. The condensed steam is reheated and the process is repeated.

Safety and emergency preparedness are top priorities for Dominion Energy. Know what to do in the unlikely event of an emergency.

SCE&G and Santee Cooper are building two additional nuclear units at the V.C. Summer Station.

Community Newsletter

A quarterly newsletter for those living near V.C. Summer Nuclear Station and the surrounding communities.