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Here comes the Sunshine

SCE&G is building a new energy economy in South Carolina.


Leading in Solar Energy

Our system produces the most solar energy in South Carolina with with both utility-scale and customer-scale generation.

Customer Programs

Customer programs provide incentives for homeowners and businesses to invest in solar.

Solar Farms

New solar farms are being added to our system. Combined, they will produce about 50 megawatts of energy.



Community Solar

Community solar allows you (homeowners and renters) the option to buy a portion of a solar farm without installing solar at your home. Community solar arrays, sometimes referred to a solar farm or solar garden, are centralized SCE&G solar facilities with individual panels available for purchase by customers who receive credits on their electricity bill for the power produced.

SCE&G will offer community solar beginning late 2016 or early 2017. Customers will be able to purchase panels in a solar farm and receive a corresponding pro rata share of energy output through a monthly bill credit. Participants will receive a $0.10 per kWh for 20 years. The cost per panel will be considerably less than the cost of installing rooftop solar.

For The Future

By 2019, 60% of energy production will be non-carbon emitting.*

We are leading South Carolina in reducing coal-fired generation in favor of clean energy. Our investment in solar is an important part of this effort. Within five years, by reducing emissions and building renewable and non-carbon emitting facilities, SCE&G will create a balanced energy generation portfolio that will serve our state for decades to come.

* air emissions