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What's Available

Program Incentive
Labor and material/equipment costs for retrofit projects. Up to 50%
Incremental material/equipment costs for new construction or major
renovation projects involving replacing all equipment,
fixtures and systems or replacing end-of-life equipment
and systems.
Up to 75%
Technical services to assist in identifying and analyzing energy savings opportunities. Varies
Identifying and implementing low-cost operational and maintenance improvements through Building Tune-Up projects. Varies
Whole Building Solutions approach for integrated energy efficient designs addressing overall energy performance in new construction and major renovations. Varies

How it Works

  1. Call 1-877-784-7234.

    A program representative will help you determine next steps, and which of the following documents to review and/or complete to ensure proper submission of your application.

  2. Submit completed application with supporting documents for pre-approval.

* A project site inspection may be required. See program application or call for additional conditions and restrictions.