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What's Available

Program Incentive
On-site energy analysis FREE
Energy-efficient lighting and refrigeration  NEW: Up to 90% of the cost, not to exceed $6,000 for recommended energy efficiency measures

How to Participate

  1. Give us a call at 1-877-784-7234 to schedule a free on-site energy analysis.
  2. After the analysis, the contractor will provide a report outlining potential energy savings opportunities and associated costs.
  3. To proceed with the proposed upgrades, sign a Small Business Energy Solutions Participation Agreement.
  4. NEW: Once the project is completed, you pay 10% to the contractor, and Dominion Energy South Carolina pays the remaining 90%, up to $6,000, to the contractor.


  • The program is available to Dominion Energy South Carolina's small business and small nonprofit customers with five or fewer Dominion Energy electric accounts and an annual energy use of 350,000 kWh or less.
  • Dominion Energy South Carolina's program contractors can confirm your eligibility.
  • For complete program eligibility, please see the Terms and Conditions found in the program's Participation Agreement.

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Success Stories

See how small businesses in Charleston, Summerville and Aiken were able to leverage Dominion Energy incentives to help offset expenses for energy efficient lighting.

Learn how EdVenture used Dominion Energy incentives to help cover the cost of switching to long-lasting, high-efficiency light bulbs throughout the museum.

Wild Dunes Resort put HVAC controls in hotel guest rooms and an energy management system.

Have an energy success story involving Dominion Energy? Let us know!