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By generating solar energy you could receive a bill credit or sell excess back to SCE&G.

Learn how solar energy can power your home.

Renewable Today

SCE&G is committed to balanced, clean energy generation.


Producing the most solar energy in SC, with a total of 4 megawatts.


Recycling organic material to produce energy.


Harnessing the power of the wind to produce energy.


Converting water pressure into hydroelectric power.

Renewable Tomorrow

Reducing Emissions

We're tripling our use of non-emitting energy sources. By 2019, 60% of our energy production will be non-carbon emitting.

Clean Energy

We lead South Carolina in reducing coal-fired generation in favor of clean energy. Our investment in renewable energy is an important part of this effort.

Investing in Solar

We’re currently adding solar farms throughout our service area. These efforts will add clean, renewable energy to the SCE&G system. A balanced, clean energy portfolio is an essential plan for meeting South Carolina’s future energy needs.

New Legislation - SC Distributed Energy Resources Program

New, ground-breaking legislation will increase the adoption of solar energy for utilities, residential customers and businesses in South Carolina. Look for updates to our renewable energy initiatives as the legislation is implemented.

Solar Success Stories

Customer of the Year

C.W. Moorer built and installed his own solar panels in Lexington County.

Solar Tracker

Net metering customer in Varnville installs solar tracker to produce up to 30% more power.

Renewable Energy Works

Discover new ways to become more energy efficient, including solar, wind and biomass.