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Available Rebates

Receive rebates toward the cost of purchasing and installing new ENERGY STAR qualified central AC and heat pumps, as well as making ductwork improvements in existing residences. Rebates include:

Heating and Cooling New Equipment

  • $200 - $400- ENERGY STAR qualified air conditioning systems or heat pumps

Ductwork Improvements

  • $150 - Sealing existing ductwork
  • $150 - Insulating existing ductwork
  • $300 - Complete duct replacement

Program Overview

Find out how to take advantage of rebates when you purchase high efficiency equipment, or make selected energy efficiency improvements.

Key Benefits

  • Replacing older, less efficient equipment with ENERGY STAR qualified equipment can reduce energy use and cost, and improve your home’s comfort.
  • Asking your contractor to inspect and evaluate your home's duct system and seal, insulate, and/or repair it as needed can maximize the efficiency of your new equipment.


  • You must be an SCE&G electric residential customer to be eligible.
  • Rebates vary according to the type and efficiency level of the equipment installed.
  • Newly installed heating and cooling equipment must be of the same type as the unit being replaced.
  • This program does not allow fuel switching. (Example: Central air conditioners must be replaced with central air conditioners and heat pumps must be replaced with heat pumps. Converting from a central air conditioner, gas furnace, or gas pack to an electric heat pump does not qualify for the rebate.)

Natural Gas Rebates

Converting to a natural gas? You may be eligible for up to a $200 bill credit.

For more information, call 1-877-510-7234.