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Make Sure You Are Ready

Installing solar is a big decision. Make sure you have done your research by reviewing the information on the previous tabs of this web page and consulting with a professional contractor.

The Installation Process - What to Expect

  1. Receive Approval from SCE&G

    After you receive approval from SCE&G, move forward with your installation.

  2. Local Inspection

    After installation, contact your local inspection authority to have the system inspected. Once SCE&G receives the release from the local inspection authority, we will update the Certificate of Completion and a utility inspection will be performed.

  3. Utility Inspection

    Our inspection will verify that the system matches the paperwork submitted and meets all SCE&G requirements (see requirements on "Consult" tab).

  4. Meters Installed

    SCE&G will install your main meter (bi-directional) and generation meter in the meter sockets you provide.

  5. Receive Approval to Energize from SCE&G

    After you receive approval from us, you may energize your system.

  6. Turn on your System

If you have any questions, email or call SCE&G at 1-866-660-3705.

Questions & Answers

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You can move forward with your solar installation after you receive a signed interconnection agreement and approval letter from SCE&G.
It is important that you wait for approval from SCE&G to ensure your system plans adhere to system requirements for the interconnection process.
There are many variables that may impact how long it will take to install your solar system; however, timing will be dependent on your contractor’s schedule and availability. Typically speaking, it takes about 3 days to actually install solar panels; however, the overall process may take 3 to 6 months.
Proper maintenance of your system will keep it running smoothly. You should carefully review the maintenance instructions shown in the system manual with your system provider.
The standard meter cannot differentiate between incoming and outgoing energy. Without the bi-directional meter, you could be charged for any energy your solar panels generate that is sent back to SCE&G.