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SCE&G is becoming Dominion Energy

There are now two ways to go solar:

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Rooftop Solar

In consultation with a solar installer, apply for our net energy metering program. Once approved, purchase or lease rooftop panels from the installer for interconnection.

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Community Solar

Purchase or subscribe to (rent) panels in a solar array and begin enjoying the benefits without having to install panels at your residence or worry about maintenance.

Rooftop Solar (Net Energy Metering)

For every kWh generated, you offset your current month's energy usage and any excess energy is carried forward to the next billing period to offset future usage.

NEM Metering Configuration

Community Solar

Community solar arrays (solar farms) are optimally located facilities where participants purchase or subscribe to (rent) a number of panels. Bill credits are issued for the power produced—providing the same financial benefits as rooftop solar, without the installation or maintenance. Community solar is available to SCE&G electric customers through a partnership with Clean Energy Collective.

Energy to Utility Credits to electric bill

Program Highlights

  • Nothing installed on your roof or property
  • SCE&G takes care of all maintenance
  • Optimally sited for maximum power generation
  • 20-year contract with Clean Energy Collective – first come, first served basis
  • Purchase – Upfront cost of $2.25/watt; $0.10/kWh monthly bill credit
  • Subscribe – No upfront cost; $0.20/kW monthly fee; $0.01/kWh monthly credit

Rooftop Solar Q&A

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Net metering provides one way for customers who generate their own renewable electricity to reduce the power they need for their homes. Customers receive a credit that you can rollover for any excess energy that you generate.

There are many renewable energy options (solar, wind, hydro, even biomass), so there is no set price. The U.S. Department of Energy’s website is a good starting point. You can also use the PV Watts tool on NREL's website.

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy PVWatts National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Renewable energy credits (RECs), also known as renewable energy certificates or green tags, represent the environmental attributes of the power produced from renewable energy projects. Source: U.S. Department of Energy Green Power Network

Customers participating in SCE&G’s Rooftop Solar Program will not be able to participate in Budget Billing because we cannot estimate the production of your solar system.

This charge applies to all SCE&G electric customers. It represents costs associated with expanding the use of solar energy in South Carolina under the Distributed Energy Resources Program Act (Act 236). Passed into law unanimously by the South Carolina General Assembly in 2014, the act called for utilities like SCE&G to develop programs that would motivate individuals and businesses to invest in solar generation. SCE&G has developed a range of programs for residential and business customers, and costs associated with these programs have been reflected in customer bills through the Renewable Energy Resources charge since May 2016. Under Act 236, the Renewable Energy Resources charge may be adjusted annually to reflect solar program costs, but it may not exceed $1 per month for residential customers.

Community Solar Q&A

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Clean Energy Collective (CEC) is a renewable energy solutions provider for utilities and the communities they serve. CEC has partnered with SCE&G to offer their uniquely branded RooflessSolar™ product, commonly known as community solar, to SCE&G electric customers across South Carolina. CEC serves as the administrator, managing the customer care and enrollment functions of this program.

No. Residential customers, churches, schools and municipalities with electric service from SCE&G are eligible to participate.

There are two different ways to participate, so you can go solar in a way that best fits your needs and your budget - by Subscribing (or renting) or by Purchasing. Subscribe to panels at a low monthly rate to see instant savings, or purchase panels and see greater savings over the 20-year term of the program.

Please Note: Effective October 15, 2017, we are fully subscribed to residential Community Solar. You may, however, add you name to Clean Energy Collective’s waiting list in the event additional space becomes available.

We are not adding new customers at this time. You may sign up with CEC to get on a waiting list. As customers leave the program over time, we will be adding new customers.

Enough to offset up to 100% of your electrical usage in kilowatt (kW) hours without exceeding 20 kWAC for electric residential customers or 1,000 AC/DC for schools, churches and municipalities.

Subscription: For subscription customers, there is a monthly fee of $0.20 per Kilowatt of solar capacity subscribed. The average subscriber would pay about $15/year* and fees are applied to your monthly SCE&G bill and spread across your monthly statements. Monthly credits are expected to be greater than monthly fees, providing for instant savings.

Subscription customers can convert to ownership in years 6, 11, 16, and 20, allowing you to purchase panels at market value and maximize their benefits.

Purchase: Initially, a single solar panel (117.5 Watts DC) costs $264 or market value. The average customer will require approximately 55 panels for a total off-set (enough to produce all the power you need). A monthly credit of $.10 per kWh will be applied to your electric bill. Cumulative monthly credits are expected to cover your purchase price by the 13th year of the program after which 100% of your bill credits can be applied to your monthly usage charges.

*Estimates are based on the average household electric usage of 1,000 kWh a month. Please speak with a Community Solar Specialist to receive savings and environmental benefits specific to your electric usage. Consult your proposal and/or contract for specific terms and conditions.

Under the purchase option, customers receive an interest in the solar output (actual generated electricity) of their selected solar panels, rather than an interest in the solar panels themselves. In the sixth year, customers may purchase the panels outright on an as is basis under the purchase option price outlined in the contract. At that time, the customer would also need to sign an ownership agreement. Ownership of the specified solar (PV) panels would then by conveyed by bill of sale. Customers who do not want to purchase full ownership may opt to simply retain the purchase interest option for the full term of the contract. The SCE&G bill credit of $0.10 per kilowatt hour remains the same for the full term whether or not the customer elects to purchase the panels outright.

Retaining the ownership of the solar panels allows the solar farm investors to realize the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for qualified advanced energy projects. The savings from the tax credit is reflected in the price of the solar panels available through the community solar purchase option.

After the solar arrays are constructed and your bill credits begin, each month CEC will calculate the number of kilowatt-hours (kWh’s) attributable to each customer in the RooflessSolar™ arrays based on a pro rata share of the output. Once the kWh usage for each customer is determined, SCE&G will apply a credit to your bill that is equal to the number of kWh’s produced.

Subscription customers earn $.01 per kWh, while purchase customers earn $.10 per kWh. The credits are then applied to your bill, reducing the total costs owed to SCE&G. If you ever have more credits than what you owe, your credits will carry forward and be applied to future months, as needed. *

Your bill credit will vary from month to month based on the solar panels’ production. In months when there is more sunshine, you will have a higher bill credit, and in cloudier months, you will have a lower bill credit.

Sample Credit Calculation (1 month) Subscription Purchase
Customer Solar Production 937 kWh 937 kWh
Credit Rate $.01 per kWh $.10 per kWh
Dollar Credits Applied to Bill $9.37 $93.70

*Estimates are based on the average household electric usage of 1,000 kWh a month. Please speak with a Community Solar Specialist to receive savings and environmental benefits specific to your electric usage. Consult your proposal and/or contract for specific terms and conditions.

The agreement will be between you and the owner/operator of the community solar facilities, Cypress Creek Renewables. The program and enrollment process is administered by Clean Energy Collective. You will receive credits through your SCE&G bill as outlined in the Rider to Retail Rates – Community Solar.

Because the program is designed to ensure that all of the energy in the community solar facilities is accounted for by a purchaser or subscriber, there is a Termination Charge for customers who final bill and a Downsizing Fee for customers who lower their contracted share.  In both cases, customers can avoid paying extra by identifying another eligible account to assume their share in the community solar facility.

The Termination Charge is a charge billed to the customer by CEC, not SCE&G, when a customer decides to no longer participate in community solar, or they final bill their account.  If the customer can find another eligible customer to take over their contracted share, the Termination Charge will be waived.  The Termination Charge is $50.00/kW and remains this amount throughout the term of the contract.

The Downsizing Fee is a fee billed to the customer by CEC, not SCE&G, when the customer decides they want to lower their contracted share.  If the customer can find another eligible customer to assume their downsized share, the Downsizing Fee will be waived.  The Downsizing Fee is $50.00/kW and remains this amount throughout the term of the contract.