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Before you commit, ask yourself…

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Is my home energy efficient?

Energy efficient homes can realize the full savings that solar can provide. Don’t let the savings escape through leaky doors or windows.

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How would moving affect my investment?

Whether installing rooftop panels or signing up to get bill credits from a solar array (community solar), be sure your program choices complement your aspirations for a later move.

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Does the math work with your budget?

Upfront costs, available tax credits, and the time it takes to get a return on your investment can all vary based on the program chosen. Do the math, and consult a tax advisor before signing contracts.

A Guide for SC Homeowners

solar homeowners guide

Considering all of the options for going solar can be a bit overwhelming at first, but A Consumer Guide to Solar for the South Carolina Homeowner has helpful tips like:

Questions & Answers

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No. Dominion Energy does not install or finance solar panels. Visit the "Consult" tab of this webpage for a list of external sites that can help you find a professional solar installer.

Not all homes are suitable for solar. Before you make the commitment to install, make sure that your home (roof structure, capacity, pitch, shading, etc.) is suitable for solar panels. See A Consumer Guide to Solar for the South Carolina Homeowner.

Yes. Community solar provides an alternative to installing panels at your home. Community solar allows electric service customers (homeowners or renters) the option to buy a portion of a solar farm without installing solar at your home. Community solar farms are centralized solar facilities where customers purchase panels and receive a pro rata share of the energy produced by the solar farm in the form of a bill credit. See the Solar Programs Comparison Chart to determine if community solar is an option for you. Solar Programs Comparison Chart

While we are unable to offer assistance, we recommend working with a certified tax adviser to determine your eligibility.

Federal tax credits SC tax credits

Projects that start construction in 2020 will receive 26% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and in 2021 will receive 22%. All projects must be completed by 2024 to obtain these ITC rates. Please consult your tax advisor.

Federal tax credits

Dominion Energy does not offer cash rebates or financing for installing solar.

For inquires pertaining to your solar system, contact your solar contractor. After reviewing this website, if you have additional questions specific to Dominion Energy's solar programs, please email us at

Check with your city and county to identify any zoning laws that may restrict where you can place solar panels on your home. In South Carolina, Homeowners' Associations (HOA) are allowed to restrict the placement of solar panels, so if you are part of a community governed by an HOA, check before signing a contract.

Homeowners will need to obtain any building or other local permits required before installation. Typically, your installer will assist you in obtaining permits and clearance from the city and county.