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Register Your Mobile Phone

To report outages via text message (SMS), you must first register your phone. Register online by visiting Profile & Settings, or register directly from your mobile phone. Just use the following information and structure for your initial text, and send to 467234.


This one-time step links your phone to your account, making future reporting quick and easy.

*Message rates may apply. Please check with your cell phone service provider.

After Registering Your Phone

Report outage via text.

Text "Out" to 467234

Check outage status via text.

Text "Status" to 467234

Text Message (SMS) Keywords

Keywords Description
Reg Register an account for the texting service (opt-in) or add a phone to a registered account.
Nick Modify the nickname for a registered account.
Out Report a total power outage.
Status Request an outage status update.
Stop Opt-out of the texting service.
Dereg This, along with the account nickname, will remove a mobile phone number from a registered account.
Info Provides website URL where you can find registration guidance.
Out cancel Cancel an active outage request.
Key Receive a list of valid keyword commands.
Help Receive contact information regarding outage reporting.