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Things You Can Do Today to Prepare

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Keeping Your Family Safe

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  • Talk with children about storms and how you are preparing.
  • Assign an emergency meeting place in case your family gets separated.
  • Know who is responsible for each part of your emergency plan.
  • Identify a "safe room" where your family can take cover.
  • Talk or read to your children. Explain what is happening.
  • Stay indoors and away from windows.
  • Unplug electronics or turn off breakers to avoid damage.
  • Report power outages online or by calling 1-888-333-4465.
  • Use supplemental generators with extreme caution.
  • Be alert when moving around inside or outdoors.
  • Stay away from downed power lines and any puddles near these lines.
  • Call to report downed or sparking power lines at 1-888-333-4465.
  • Stay tuned to local news for weather updates.

It is NOT necessary to turn off your natural gas service at the meter during a hurricane; and this valve should be turned off by utility or emergency personnel only. Underground pipelines are not normally affected--even in extreme storms--so gas service is rarely interrupted. If you believe your home could flood, review flood safety tips below.

If you believe your home or business may become flooded to the point where the water could extinguish appliance pilot lights, you can turn off the appliance at the supply valve--typically located within six (6) feet of the appliance. Valves typically turn in one direction and require only one-quarter of a turn to close. Prior to a storm, familiarize yourself with the location of these supply valves. If any of your appliances or appliance valves become submerged in water, do not try to relight your pilot. Instead, contact a qualified contractor to inspect before using.

What to do if you observe signs of a natural gas leak after an earthquake:

  • If at home, leave immediately and leave the door open. If in a public building, leave through the nearest exit.
  • Do not use any electric switch, telephone or cell phone, garage door opener or flashlight as they can cause sparks and ignite gas.
  • Do not smoke, use a lighter or strike a match.
  • Do not start or stop nearby vehicles, machinery, or things that may spark.
  • From a safe place, call Dominion Energy at 1-800-815-0083 and 911.