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We understand the crisis of the coronavirus may have created some financial hardships and it may be difficult to pay your bill in full. We're here to help. Please check your bill statement (paper or online) for a possible payment arrangement and the details of the plan. If you need to contact us directly about your bill or for a payment arrangement, please call 1-800-251-7234


One-time Assistance

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The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides home energy assistance to help eligible low-income households meet their home heating and/or cooling needs.

Your Community Action Agency in your county may be able to offer you one or more of the following types of assistance:

  • Utility bill payment assistance
  • Energy crisis assistance
  • Weatherization and energy-related home repairs

EnergyShare provides assistance to low-income, disabled and elderly customers for their electric and natural gas service. Dominion Energy South Carolina customers, employees and retirees generously fund the program. The South Carolina’s Department of Administration’s Office of Economic Opportunity, through community action agencies, administers the program. To apply for assistance, contact your local community action agency.

Longer Term Assistance

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Offered to customers who have electrical medical equipment in their home and, during a major storm or threat of a storm, customers are proactively called so they can make plans to sustain their equipment should an outage occur. Call us at 1-800-251-7234 for more information.

Participants may subscribe to panels in a solar array located within the Dominion Energy South Carolina service area and begin enjoying the benefits of bill credits without paying a subscription fee or having to install panels at their residence. This program is available to customers who are income-qualified through a Community Action Agency. Once you are qualified, the agency will send us your referral and we will contact you to start the enrollment process by scheduling a free Home Energy Check-up, worth over $250.

  • There is NO cost to you to participate!
  • You will earn $0.01/kWh of energy your panels produce and that credit will apply to your bill every month.
  • You do not have to live near the Community Solar farms and you are not responsible for any maintenance on the solar panels.
  • Even if you rent, you can participate!
  • If you move, and relocate within our service territory, you can have your Community Solar Select subscription transferred to your new account.

To learn more, read our Community Solar Select Program Flyer or contact your local Community Action Agency

Designed mainly for the visually impaired, this free of charge option provides a summary page of the bill in a larger font size, in addition to the regular bill. Call us at 1-800-251-7234 for more information.

Relay South Carolina provides translator services for hearing and speech impaired customers to communicate by phone with us. For assistance, dial 1-800-735-2905 to speak to a Relay South Carolina operator.

For young adults and old alike, this program gives notice of a friend or relative’s overlooked Dominion Energy South Carolina bill to avoid service shutoff. If you’re interested in this service, sign up online or by phone. Call us at 1-800-251-7234 for more information.

If your health or the health of a household member would be endangered by the disconnection of electric and/or gas service during the winter, a medical certificate may help. To apply for a medical certificate, you can visit one of our business offices or call. This program is available only from December 1– March 31. Call us at 1-800-251-7234 for more information.

If you’re interested in a more predictable energy bill, this program may be ideal for you. If qualified, you can sign up online or by phone. Learn more.

Everyday Energy Assistance & Weatherization

When your home is energy efficient, the benefits show on your energy bill. The more energy used the higher the bill. To help avoid those high bills, here are some tools to help you save.

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