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As your home’s water and drain lines age, the risk of leaking pipes and clogs increases. Over time, food, grease, soap deposits and hair can slow or clog drains. Sometimes a plunger is not enough, which is why we've partnered with HomeServe, a leading administrator of home repair programs.

The In-Home Plumbing Repair Plan is just $5.95 per month and gives you a "plumber on call."

Plan features:

  • Up to $1,500 per year* for many of the most expensive in-house plumbing repairs.
  • A low monthly fee that can be added to your Dominion Energy South Carolina bill.
  • Prompt, professional and reliable customer service representatives are available to take your call, day or night.
  • No service call fees.
Monthly Plan Cost Service Call Fee
In-Home Plumbing Repair Plan $5.95 $0

Price shown above reflects the introductory program price and is subject to change on customer’s yearly renewal date. For more information regarding program prices please call 1-833-500-2623.

*Your coverage goes into effect 30 days from enrollment, and you may cancel at any time. See our terms and conditions for full coverage details.