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Every year there are more than 20 million lightning strikes, but it only takes one to cause a damaging electrical surge in your home. And lightning strikes aren't even the most common cause of electrical surges.

Our Surge HELP® Program provides coverage for all of your electronics and appliances if they become damaged during an electrical surge. There is no device to buy or install.

We Have You Covered:

  • Whole house surge coverage – Every appliance and electronic device in your home is covered up to your coverage limit (see below).
  • Repair or replace guarantee – If your surge-damaged item can’t be repaired, we’ll reimburse you for a new one up to your coverage limit.
  • No additional bills to pay – The program cost will be added to your monthly SCE&G bill.

NOTE: This program provides monetary compensation for repair or replacement only. It does not provide a device that prevents or protects items from electrical surges. Even with this program, we still recommend using surge protection devices to stop a surge before it can cause damage – especially on devices like computers where there is the potential for data loss.

Pricing Information

Your coverage goes into effect 30 days from enrollment and you may cancel at any time. See our Surge HELP Program Terms and Conditions for full coverage details.

Need more information? Call 1-866-665-0371 to learn more.