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A failure in the water supply line that runs from the street to your home can cost thousands in unexpected repairs, and is your responsibility. Avoid this high cost and hassle by signing up for our Water Line Replacement Program.

This provides coverage for the repair or replacement of a water line that has failed due to normal wear and tear. For just pennies a day, you can get benefits that will save you time and money:

  • Coverage for the repair or replacement of a residential water supply line.
  • No service call fee.
  • The low monthly fee can be automatically added to your SCE&G utility bill.

Preferred Restoration Program

Our Water Line Replacement Program includes basic site restorations. But water supply line repairs often require more than basic restoration. By adding Preferred Restoration, you can ensure your property will be restored to its original condition. Here’s what our coverage provides:

  • Up to $1,000 towards the complete restoration of your paved surface or yard that was disturbed during the course of normal excavation.
  • Pavement restoration includes labor and relevant material for asphalt or concrete sidewalks, driveways, steps, porches and patios.
  • Landscaping restoration includes labor and sod, mulch, shrubs up to five gallon size, trees up to six feet in height and resetting of bricks/stones for sidewalks, driveways, walls and patios.

Pricing Information

See our Water Line Replacement Program Terms and Conditions and Preferred Restoration Terms and Conditions for full details.