We understand many of our customers are experiencing financial hardship during this public health emergency. We are here to help.

Reliability and Values

We are committed to delivering clean, safe, reliable and efficient electric and natural gas service.

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Reliability and Values

We are committed to delivering clean, safe, reliable and efficient electric and natural gas service.

Learn more about us.

2020 Electric Regulatory Rate Review

On Aug. 14, Dominion Energy South Carolina filed an application with the Public Service Commission of South Carolina requesting an overall 7.75% increase to retail electric rates. This equates to an increase of less than 1% per year since base rates were last adjusted in 2012. Read the application.

We recognize that there may never be an ideal time to request a rate review. We have been finding ways to help our customers who are struggling financially through the pandemic. No matter what is going on in the world, our customers count on us to keep the electricity flowing safely, reliably and efficiently. Because current rates do not reflect the true cost of providing service to our growing customer base, an adjustment to rates is critical to our company's ability to continue to meet this obligation and expectation.

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About the Rate Review Process

  • A Conversation About the Rate Review

  • Understanding Your Electric Rates

Update on Public Hearings

The PSC hearing will begin on Jan. 5, 2021, as part of the process for these independent regulators to determine what are fair and reasonable rates. Additionally, the PSC will hold the following virtual night hearings:

Working Hard for South Carolina

We have been working more efficiently than ever and will continue to do everything we can to manage costs without compromising on safety, reliability and customer service.

  • Serving an expanding customer base

    Since 2012, we have added over 80,000 new electric customers and have invested approximately $3.2 billion in assets and operating resources necessary to provide safe, reliable and economical service. We are continuously improving customer service while reducing our customer service costs. More than 100,000 DESC customers have downloaded our app (Apple, Google) to manage their accounts and to report service interruptions. We also enhanced our website to be more secure and more adaptive to use from mobile devices.

  • Maintaining a safe, reliable and efficient system

    We have invested in a variety of system maintenance and enhancements to increase reliability and resiliency. These assets meet increasingly strict federal safety, reliability and security standards, including investments totaling more than $2.1 billion in our transmission and distribution systems. Through these investments and the work of our dedicated employees, we are achieving historic results in service reliability and in safety.

  • Meeting reliability, security and environmental requirements

    We are committed to maintaining and improving our generation stations, including approximately $878 million in upgrades and environmental controls. In addition, we have invested about $198 million in technology and equipment to better serve our customers and enhance system security.

Rate Case Timeline

What to Expect

Rate Case Timeline
Rate Case Timeline

Rate Case FAQs

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  • What is Dominion Energy doing to help customers who may be struggling during this challenging time?

    We are committed to making it easy for customers to work with us and to find payment arrangements or plans that best match their individual budgets and circumstances. This is a difficult time for everyone. We want to help make it a little less stressful. In June, we communicated in various ways, including a news release, about the expansion of assistance to customers facing financial hardship as well as additional measures we started taking in March.

    Many of our assistance options can be conveniently accessed 24/7 through a customer’s online account or Dominion Energy’s mobile app.

    Options include:

    • Payment plans: If a customer is having trouble paying their bill, we will help them determine the best option for their unique situation. Both short-term payment extensions and long-term payment plans are available. We are currently offering a special installment plan that spreads past due balances over a six-month period, with no interest charges.
    • Payment assistance: Assistance is offered through EnergyShare, which is funded with company contributions, along with donations from customers, employees and retirees. The South Carolina Department of Administration’s Office of Economic Opportunity administers the EnergyShare program through community action agencies. Payment assistance is also offered through state and federal programs, such as the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Our company partners with more than 180 organizations – including 12 community action agencies – to connect customers with available financial assistance, as well as to offer energy-saving tips and easy ways to do business with us. More information is available at DominionEnergySC.com/assistance.
    • Energy efficiency tips: Managing energy wisely will always help customers save on natural gas and electric costs. We provide customers with information and tips on how to be more efficient with their energy usage. Customers can visit DominionEnergySC.com/EnergyWise for tips on reducing energy usage.
    • Scam awareness: Amid the pandemic, scam activity spiked in South Carolina. Dominion Energy reminds customers that we will never call and demand immediate payment or ask for payment on a pre-paid debit or gift card. If customers are unsure that a call is valid, even if a valid-looking number shows on the caller ID, they should not provide information before verifying their account/payment status by signing into their online account, reviewing their account via the company’s app, or by calling the company at 800-251-7234.
  • What is an electric regulatory rate review or rate case?

    Dominion Energy South Carolina is regulated by the Public Service Commission of South Carolina (PSC) and is legally required to provide electric service to all customers in its assigned service territory. We are allowed to seek recovery through rates for costs we prudently incur in building, operating and maintaining our electric system. We cannot adjust customer rates without PSC approval.

    As a regulated utility, Dominion Energy South Carolina is required to demonstrate to the South Carolina Public Service Commission why a proposed increase in rates is needed. Through this public review process, the commission sets rates based on what it determines to be fair, reasonable and necessary.

  • Why is an increase in rates needed?

    Our need to increase rates at this time reflects the continued investment in assets and operating resources required to serve an expanding customer base, maintain the safety, reliability and efficiency of its system; and meet increasingly stringent reliability, security and environmental requirements. Dominion Energy South Carolina has invested approximately $3.2 billion since our last rate case in the system necessary to provide safe, reliable and economical delivery of electric service to our customers, including more than 80,000 new customers.

    This includes:

    • more than $2.1 billion in expansions and improvement to our electric transmission and distribution system
    • approximately $878 million in upgrades and additional environmental controls for our electric generation plants
    • about $198 million in technology and equipment to better serve our customers and enhance system security
  • How will this request affect customers' monthly bills?

    If approved, the average bill of a typical residential customer who uses 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month would be about $131.99 per month. This would be an increase of $9.68 per month, on average.

  • Are customers benefitting from any merger-related savings?
  • How do Dominion Energy South Carolina's electric rates compare to other utilities in the region?

    Typical electric bills were reduced by approximately 15% in January 2019 compared to January 2018. As a result, our customers’ electric bills went from the highest in the region to levels near the regional average, and well below the national average.

  • Does this review include any costs associated with the cancelled nuclear construction project?

    Costs associated with the cancelled nuclear construction project were addressed by the commission in a prior proceeding and will be excluded from our filing in this case. However, simultaneous with the construction of V.C. Summer units 2 and 3, Dominion Energy made upgrades to strengthen the capacity and resiliency of our transmission system. Those assets are in service today and are currently being used each day to deliver electricity to our customers. These transmission assets are included in our case.

  • Does this rate review include any costs associated with the cancelled Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) project?


  • What have you been doing to manage operating costs?

    We have reduced annual operating costs by more than $45 million. We have consistently provided customers with the benefits of safe and reliable service, convenient ways of doing business with us, a path toward a clean and sustainable energy future, financial and volunteer support in the community, and increasing assistance for customers struggling financially – all while working more efficiently than ever. For example, despite a roughly 12% increase in customer growth since the 2012 rate proceeding, we have kept employee headcount relatively flat. We will continue to do everything we can to manage costs without compromising on safety, reliability and customer service.